Alice Moore, Undersecretary of Health, is a dedicated public servant who has spent her career working inside and outside government to develop and implement important programs and solve complex policy challenges. As Undersecretary of Health Services, she is responsible for creating, implementing and managing policy, legislation and operations for the largest Secretariat in state government.

Undersecretary Moore previously served as Chief of Staff to Senate President Therese Murray, acting as chief policy advisor and strategist, and Counsel to the Massachusetts Senate. In these roles, she was deeply involved in the landmark 2006 health care reform and in subsequent legislative efforts to manage health care cost containment, as well as eight state budgets.

Undersecretary Moore worked in the Attorney General’s Office and private practice.  She served as the Chief of the Public Protection Bureau where she oversaw the AG’s affirmative work in civil rights, healthcare, consumer protection, antitrust, environmental protection, insurance and utilities. She also led the Government Bureau, responsible for supervising the AG’s defensive case load representing state agencies, handling cases involving challenges to state statues, and providing legal advice on administrative and constitutional law issues.

Undersecretary Moore has been continuously active in community organizations and currently serves as the elected Moderator in the Town of Westwood.