What to Take With You to the Grocery Store

  • Your WIC Gold Card. You need your WIC Gold Card to use your WIC checks. A driver's license is NOT a valid substitution.
  • A correctly dated WIC check. Look in the upper right hand corner of the WIC check to make sure the date is current.
  • Wait to sign your check until you are in front of the cashier.

What to Do At the Register

  1. Separate your WIC foods from any other items you are buying.
  2. Tell the cashier that you will be paying with a WIC check.
  3. The cashier will ring up all your items and verify that your WIC items are the correct sizes and brands.
  4. The cashier will then total the amount of your WIC items and write the amount on the check.
  5. The cashier will verify your signature on your WIC ID card.

Why Can I Only Get Certain Sizes of Items With My WIC Checks?

WIC provides checks for free healthy foods that children and pregnant women need. WIC chooses food package sizes that offer the best value. This is why WIC requires you to buy cereals that are 12.8 ounces or larger and other specific food sizes and quantities.