Enfamil Infant and Enfamil ProSobee (soy) are WIC's standard infant formulas.

WIC also provides special and metabolic formulas for participants with special medical needs. A completed Request for Special Formula Form pdf format of Request for Special Formula Form doc format of Request for Special Formula Form requesting a special or metabolic formula with a nutrition-related ICD code must be provided outlining the patient’s qualifying medical condition(s) warranting need prior to issuance.

MassHealth is the payer of first choice for special medical formulas for WIC participants who are MassHealth members. While waiting for MassHealth approval, WIC will provide one month of benefits for the prescribed formula from WIC (after the medical provider has completed the Request for Special Formula and Food form) and will act as a safety net for families should the process take longer.  WIC staff can guide WIC participants and medical providers through the process of receiving special or prescription formulas through MassHealth insurance. (Reference ‘For Healthcare Providers>What if my patient needs special formula?’ at www.mass.gov/wic). MassHealth members requiring Enfamil Gentlease and Enfamil A.R. will receive these formulas through WIC without needing to pursue prior authorization from MassHealth. A Request for Special Formula and Food form is required for Enfamil A.R. before issuance will be approved. 

Note: For Type, P = Powder, C = Concentrate and R = Ready-to-Use (RTU) or Ready-to-Feed (RTF).  WIC does not permit the issuance of RTU or RTF formulas when more than one type of a formula is available (i.e., if available in Powder or Concentrate) unless there are concerns regarding safe preparation of the formula.  

FormulaType AvailableFormulaType Available
3232APNeocate Jr.P
Boost Kid Essentials 1.0RNutramigen (liquid forms)C, R
Boost Kid Essentials 1.5RNutramigen with Enflora LGGP
Boost Kid Essentials 1.5 with FiberROsmolite 1.5R
Bright BeginningsRPediaSureR
EleCare DHA/ARA (for infants)PPediaSure with FiberR
EleCare Jr.PPediaSure 1.5R
Enfamil A.R.P,RPediasure Peptide 1.0R
Enfamil EnfaCarePPeptamen JuniorR
Enfamil GentleasePPKU-2P
Enfamil InfantP,C,RPKU-3P
Enfamil ProSobee (soy)P,C,RPregestimilP
Ensure PlusRSimilac Alimentum HypoallergenicP, R
Gerber Good Start NourishPSimilac ExpertCare NeoSureP
KetoCal 4:lPSimilac PM 60/40P
Meyenberg Evaporated Goat MilkCSimilac SensitiveP
MSUD-2PSimilac Special Care 30R
Neocate InfantPVivonex PediatricP
  XPhe MaxamumP