The Massachusetts WIC Program has partnered with JPMA Inc. to provide a smart phone application known as “WIC Shopper” for Massachusetts WIC participants. Our goal is to make the shopping experience as smooth as possible for both the WIC customer and the retailer.   

The app has many exciting features including the ability to:

  • View your available WIC benefits on your smartphone
  • Scan a product bar code while you shop to determine if the item is approved by WIC and available in your benefits.  
  • Locate a WIC authorized retailer in Massachusetts.
  • Select your favorite store and view WIC approved items available at that store.  

The app is easy to download and there are versions available for the iPhone and Android phones.  Please see the WIC App Flyer below for instructions on how to install this app on your phone.  

We encourage you to use this app and hope it helps to simplify and improve your shopping experience.    Remember, the WIC Program’s goal is to ensure that the WIC Card transaction runs as smoothly as possible for both you and the retailer!  


This information is provided by the Women, Infants and Children Nutrition Program within the Department of Public Health.