Community Action Program (CAP) Offices - Fuel Assistance can help you pay for heating your house or apartment during the winter months, it can pay for fuel, or if heat is included in your rent, it can pay part of your rent. To find out if you can get help and which agency covers your city or town, call the "Heatline" at 1-800-632-8175 click to their website here: Energy and Utility Assistance. Community Action Program (CAP) offices run the fuel assistance programs (LIHEAP) and provide help with electric and gas bills, insulation and furnace repairs. Many CAP offices also help with a wide variety of services including job training, day care and housing information. Call the CAP nearest you for more information.

Utility Discounts - Most electric companies and most gas companies have low-income discount programs. You automatically qualify for the discounts if you receive TAFDC, EAEDC, Food Stamp benefits, MassHealth, SSI, Fuel Assistance, or if your child is in the School Lunch Program or Head Start. These discounts can save you 25-35 percent on each bill. To apply for the discounts, call your gas and electric companies and ask for an application.

Telephone Discounts - Some telephone companies also have low-income discount programs. For instance, Verizon provides a $13 per month discount, and also allows qualifying households one year to pay off any money owed on back bills before losing phone service. Call your local telephone company to ask if it has a low-income discount program and how to apply.

This information is provided by the Department of Transitional Assistance.