Your personal information will be on the Health Assistance tab in My Account Page (MAP). Be sure to carefully review all information on the page. Pay special attention to areas where you need to take some action. If you want to get more detail about your case, open the most recent eligibility notices…right in My Account Page!

Remember, to view you health assistance benefit information using My Account Page you must be a Massachusetts resident who is currently receiving health assistance benefits and who is the head of household (the individual who signed the application for benefits). Please note, if you are the head of household and have never received health assistance benefits yourself, you will not be able to access health assistance benefit information for other household members using My Account Page.

In MAP you can:

  • See household and member benefit information and important information such as eligibility notices
  • See Next Steps, What to do, and Due Dates for outstanding items such as proofs needed by MassHealth ( Tip: Review recent eligibility notices for additional status information)
  • New! See the status of documents you have faxed or mailed to MassHealth:
    My Account Page (MAP) users can now see when a document or set of documents sent to MassHealth for a given person’s household were received, and whether they have been processed.  A new ‘Documents’ area now displays in MAP when viewing health insurance information. See the Checking the Status of Documents Sent to MassHealth below for details.
  • Print the page using your Internet Browser
  • Click the Change Form link to update certain information, if applicable
  • Leave My Account Page when finished by clicking the Exit My Account Page link in the bottom right hand corner

Some of the information in My Account Page is updated overnight and may not be available at certain times.

New! Checking the Status of Documents Sent to MassHealth

The following information is available in the Documents area of MAP:

  • Who the document pertains to (household member)
  • Document Type, e.g., verification (such as income, citizenship, etc.), ERD, ERV
  • Status of document:  Processed (has a disposition) or Unprocessed (does not have a disposition) 
  • Date Received - faxed documents typically display within 48 hours, mailed documents within 1 week
  • Date Received - the date the document (or group of documents) was received at MassHealth


  • The information in “Envelope Category” and “Document Category” is for internal purposes only. Please disregard.
  • Document information will stay in the list for 18 months
  • The list contains document information, but not a copy of the actual document(s) itself

You should see one line in the list for each individual document or group of documents mailed or faxed.  If multiple documents were sent in one fax or mailing, you will not see all of those documents in the list. Instead you will only see the name of one of the documents. Because of this, it’s a good idea to check the list first for a “Date Received” around the time you think it was sent in, rather than first checking by “Document Type.”

  • Example, if you faxed or mailed four documents together—e.g., a birth certificate, two pay stubs and a copy of a bank statement—you will only see the name of one of those Document Types in the list. In this example, you may see only “Asset Verification”; or you may only see “Income - Earned (EIN)”; or you may only see “Citizenship.”

For a document to display, it must include a Social Security Number that matches the Social Security Number of the household member that the document is about.

  • Example, if a birth certificate for a spouse were mailed or faxed (alone, with no other documents), it must have the Social Security Number for that spouse on that document in order for it to be displayed in the list. All mailed or faxed documents need to have the individual’s Social Security Number on it.

Changing Health Assistance Benefit Information Using Change Form

The Change Form link is near the top in My Account Page, right after your name. If you don't see this link, it means that you can see your information but cannot change it now. If you see this link, y ou can use Change Form to change (or delete) the following information:

  • Homeless status
  • Residential address
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Pregnancy status
  • Race and Ethnicity

Using the Change Form is easy! Instructions are right on the Change Form screen. All you have to do is:

  • Log in and view your information in My Account Page
  • Click the Change Form link (the link only displays if you are able to change information)
  • Click the "Select here to edit" checkbox for the areas you wish to change
  • Make and save your changes
  • Confirm the changes and click Submit

Renewing Health Assistance Benefits Online

Some Commonwealth Care members can use My Account Page to submit their annual eligibility reviews online, rather than using a paper form. Submitting an online review makes the review process easy.

When will I be able to submit an online review? Six months before your next review date, you will see the following message near the top of the page in My Account Page: "Online annual review is now available for your household. To begin the online renewal process, click here."

What if I don't want to submit an online review? If you do not want to submit a review online, simply ignore the review message in My Account Page. A paper Eligibility Review Form will be mailed to you when your case comes up for review. The online review notice will go away as soon as the paper form is mailed to you.

How will I know if I can submit an online review? The online review process will ask you a few questions first. It will then compare your answers to what MassHealth currently has on file to determine if you can submit an online review For example, if any one of the situations below is a change from what MassHealth currently has on file, you may not submit an online review:

  • A family member has left your household or someone new has joined;
  • A family member now has an injury, illness, or disability;
  • A family member has left a job or started a new job;
  • A family member now no longer receives income NOT related to a job;
  • A family member now receives a NEW type of income NOT related to a job;
  • A family member has been added to or removed from an existing health insurance policy;
  • A family member is now covered under a NEW health insurance policy;
  • A family member now needs health care because of an accident, injury or illness caused by someone else

If we decide that you may not submit an online review, don't worry; we will mail you a review form (Eligibility Review Form) when your case comes up for review. You must complete and return the form within the time stated in the cover letter.

How do I submit a review online?

1. Log in and view your information in My Account Page

2. Click the link next to the message "Online annual review is now available for your household" (You will not see this message if you are not able to submit an online review.)

3. Read the information on each screen carefully and follow all of the instructions

4. Answer the questions on the "What has changed?" page. You can click the links provided to see what information we currently have on file for you and/or your household. If we decide you may not submit an online review, you will receive the message: "Not Eligible for Streamlined Renewal", and will not be allowed to continue

5. Review and change information that has changed on each page and save

6. Electronically sign your application by following the instructions on the screen

7. Print copies of your renewal application and Next Steps page

8. Print the MassHealth Cover Sheet and mail or fax it with your proofs to the address or fax number indicated

The information in My Account Page is updated overnight and may not be available at certain times.




This information is provided by the Virtual Gateway within Health and Human Services.

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