The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission's Consumer Involvement Program makes a special effort to form cooperative relationships with those individuals who are known as consumers or recipients of MRC services.

The foundation of the commitment to consumer involvement at the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) is the belief that people with disabilities have life experiences and expertise that are valuable resources in the development of agency policy and the solution of problems relative to the service objectives of MRC.

The MRC Consumer Involvement Program is interested in applicants for the Individual Consumer Consultant (ICC) program that have skills and experiences valuable to the needs of MRC. The program is open to both MRC Consumers and their immediate family members.

This program is for MRC clients to gain work experience and as such they are encouraged to apply to gain meaningful employment skills working on projects as an ICC. This is not considered full time work it is a step on the road to employment.

The Consumer Involvement program utilizes ICCs who perform a variety of projects and services at MRC.

The program products include but are not limited to:

  • Annual analysis and publication of the MRC Consumer Satisfaction Survey.
  • State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) Annual Report to the Governor and the Secretary of EOHHS.
  • The MRC Consumer Handbook which is developed by the SRC Consumer Handbook Task Force.
  • The MRC Consumer Involvement Annual Calendar put together by the SRC Artists with Disabilities Task Force.
  • The SRC/MRC Consumer's Voice a quarterly published newsletter.
  • The spring legislative education day held at the state house.
  • Planing the Annual Consumer Conference.
  • Preparation of the SRC State Plan attachment to the VR State Plan for Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • Various office administrative functions.
  • Community and Work site access monitoring.
  • Other related pre-vocational peer counseling.

To learn more about becoming an ICC review the RFR at COMMBUYS and search in Solicitations for document number MRCICC12 or follow this link.

Consumer Involvement Telephone Numbers

( 617) 204-3665 ( Voice/TDD) or 1-800-223-2559
FAX #: ( 617 ) 204-3885

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment and public services provided by government agencies. If consumers or employees of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission believe that they have been discriminated against on the basis of disability, they should contact the Diversity Director,

Mary F. Connelly, Esquire
Director of Diversity, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
600 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts  02111
617-204-3736 or 617-727-1354 (fax)

Rev. 3/07

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.