Welcome to the official website of the Massachusetts State Rehabilitation Council

This site is designed to inform and educate people of all disabilities within the state of Massachusetts and elsewhere about advocating for themselves as well as others with disabilities. We hope that the information posted on this site will be helpful to people with disabilities and families in their quest for community living and independence.


Our Mission is to partner with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission to support and advise the agency in the provision of high quality, value-based vocational rehabilitation services that lead to meaningful and sustainable competitive employment for consumers.


Our Vision is to provide a dynamic pathway to economic self-sufficiency for all people with disabilities to break the historic bonds of poverty.

General Information

The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Advisory Council was created in March 1994 by the Executive Order of the Governor to implement the requirements of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended by P.L. 102-569 in 1992.

The WORK FORCE INVESTMENT Act, Title IV of 1998 Reauthorized the Rehabilitation Act and changed the State Rehabilitation Advisory Council to the state Rehabilitation Council, section 105.

The major purpose of the council are as set out in the Rehabilitation Act, Section 105, which include among others the following:

  • Review, analyze and advise MRC regarding the agency's priorities, performance of responsibilities of the Rehabilitation Act Title 1, Title 6c and title 7;
  • To encourage the personal and Vocational growth and development of the Commonwealth's Citizens with Disabilities;
  • To affirmatively promote barrier-free access for citizens with disabilities;
  • To ensure the full participation of citizens with disabilities in their communities and work place.

Membership in the council is open to commonwealth citizens whose personal, public and private community activities have demonstrated their outstanding dedication to the integrity and maintenance of the Public Vocational Rehabilitation Program and Independent Living Services for people with disabilities.

The Governor shall appoint 20 statutory members of the council. Nominations for council membership are submitted to the Director of Consumer Involvement Program at Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.

The General Council meets a minimum of four times a year for the transaction of any business that may be brought before the council. The council also holds an annual meeting in September/ October months to elect its officers and set the annual agenda and/or goals.

The Council encourages public participation in its general council meetings and has established 15 positions as ex-officio memberships. The ex-officio members serve to contribute in the business of the council but shall not exercise the options to vote on council decisions. Each ex-officio member is nominated annually and must represent a disability related advocacy group.

Interested citizens of the Commonwealth can complete a nomination form or call on the Director of Consumer Involvement Program for further clarification at


This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.