To promote, education, advocacy for and advocacy by persons with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (LD/ADHD), to enhance community inclusion, independence and economic self-sufficiency.


The Massachusetts Statewide Rehabilitation Council (SRC) established the LD/ADHD Task Force in 1992 to disseminate information, promote education and training to the community at large about the nature, characteristics and needs of the individuals with LD/ADHD.


  • Improve services for the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) LD/ADHD consumer
  • To develop an array of comprehensive resources designed to provide and support and services to persons with LD/ADHD
  • To become more proactive in regard to public awareness and understanding of LD/ADHD
  • Establish support groups in all MRC Regions

Our Accomplishments

  • Made recommendations to MRC to develop a specific code for ADHD
  • Collaborated with other organizations to maintain current developments on LD/ADHD issues
  • Developed and maintained current resources on LD/ADHD issues
  • Developed a website with the guidance from the MRC Webmaster
  • Developed & conducted training through MRC on LD/ADHD issues
  • Attended & presented at national, state and local conferences of LD/ADHD
  • Made recommendations to the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission through the Statewide Rehabilitation Council.

Contact us: (617) 204-3723 or by email at jennak1605@yahoo.com



This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.