Who is Eligible?

Any homeowner who is a frail elder or has a disability, has a household member who has a disability, or rents to an individual with a disability (in a building with fewer than 10 units) may apply for this loan. The residence's owner must apply for the loan. Some landlords may be eligible for a 3% loan for a tenant with a disability.

In determining who is eligible:

  • Income guidelines are based on the total gross household income.
  • The unit requiring modifications must be the primary, principal residence of the individual with the disability.
  • The modifications to be made to the residence must be necessary to allow the beneficiary to remain in the home and must specifically relate to their ability to function on a daily basis.
  • The homeowner cannot have previously obtained an HMLP loan for the same property.

2017 Income Guidelines

2017 Income Guidelines: Income guidelines are based on HUD published median income for the Boston MESA and are updated annually.

2017 Income Guidelines
Household size0% (DPL)
up to 100% of Median Income
0% (Amortized Loan)
up to
125% of Median Income
3% (Amortized Loan)
125% to 200% of Median Income
1up to $72,400up to $90,500up to $144,800
2up to $82,800up to $103,500up to $165,600
3up to $93,100up to $116,375up to $186,200
4up to $103,400up to $129,250up to $206,800
5up to $111,700up to $139,625up to $223,400
6up to $120,000up to 150,000up to $240,000
7up to $128,300up to $160,375up to $256,600
8up to $136,500up to $170,625up to $273,000


This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.