About the Systems Transformation Grant

In September 2005, Massachusetts was awarded a 5-year Systems Transformation grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). With this grant, the Commonwealth pursued a multitude of initiatives to transform the state's long-term support system for elders and people with disabilities served by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs (Elder Affairs). The three goal areas for the grant were:

  • Comprehensive Quality Management System(s);
  • Diversion and Alternative Financing Mechanisms and;
  • Long-term Supports Coordinated with Affordable and Accessible Housing

Subcommittees were created for each of these goal areas and a Steering Committee guided the grant through the strategic planning process (over Year 1 or FY05) into implementation (starting in Year 2 or FY06). Starting in January 2007, a Systems Transformation Action Team (STAT), formerly the Steering Committee, convened to guide each of the subcommittees through the grant implementation by reviewing key products, policy recommendations of the grant and discussing activities that affect the grant overall.

The documents and links below are products and initiatives developed with the support of the Systems Transformation Grant.

Diversion and Alternative Financing Subcommittee

Community First Olmstead Plan

Recommendations for EOHHS for Advancing Self-Direction (PDF) pdf format of diversion-priority-recommendations.pdf
doc format of                             diversion-priority-recommendations.doc

Final Report - Diversion Subcommittee (PDF) pdf format of diversion-hhs-recommendations.pdf
docm format of                             diversion-hhs-recommendations.docm

Long-term Care Financing Advisory Committee

Support for the Long-term Care Financing Advisory Committee was provided, in part, by the Systems Transformation Grant.

Housing Subcommittee

Housing Assessment Tool (PDF) pdf format of house-ma-housing-assessment-tool.pdf
doc format of                             house-ma-housing-assessment-tool.doc

Massachusetts Housing Resources & Definitions (PDF) pdf format of house-ma-housing-resources-and-definitions.pdf
doc format of                             house-ma-housing-resources-and-definitions.doc

Accessibility Standards/Visitability/Universal Design pdf format of house-accessibility-standards.pdf
(PDF) pdf format of house-accessibility-standards.pdf
doc format of                             house-accessibility-standards.doc

Summary of Priority Recommendations (PDF) pdf format of house-summary-of-priority-recommendations.pdf
doc format of                             house-summary-of-priority-recommendations.doc

Building Code Description and Enforcement (PDF) pdf format of house-building-code.pdf
doc format of                             house-building-code.doc

MassAccess Housing Registry Overview (PDF) pdf format of house-mass-access-housing-registry-brochure.pdf
doc format of                             house-mass-access-housing-registry-brochure.doc                file size 1MB

Resource: Home Modification Loan Program

Quality Subcommittee

Quality Goal Summary (PDF) pdf format of quality-goal.pdf
docm format of                             quality-goal.docm

Consumer Perspectives about Quality (PDF) pdf format of quality-summary-booklet.pdf
doc format of                             quality-summary-booklet.doc                file size 5MB

Cross Grant Initiatives

Consumer Involvement Toolkit (PDF) pdf format of consumer-involvement-toolkit.pdf
doc format of                             consumer-involvement-toolkit.doc                file size 1MB

The first role of the Standing Olmstead Advisory Committee is to convene during the period in which the state is planning its participation in the Money Follows the Person (MFP) Rebalancing Demonstration grant.

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