Advancing the Community First Agenda: The EOHHS Long-Term Care Financing Advisory Committee

Under the auspices of the Patrick Administration's Community First Olmstead Plan, the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) convened a Long-term Care Financing Advisory Committee to identify strategic options for the future financing of care for elders and individuals with disabilities in Massachusetts. The overall goal of the Advisory Committee was to make recommendations to the Administration regarding a multi-year process of reform. The Advisory Committee was charged to:

  • Advise the state regarding public and private long-term care financing options that will support elders and people with disabilities in a manner that:
    • Maximizes independence;
    • Assures access to the necessary continuum of long term supports; and
    • Supports a sustainable mix of personal and familial responsibility, private financing mechanisms, and public assistance;
  • Identify strategic concerns regarding long-term care development and reform including:
    • Parameters of long-term care populations and their service needs;
    • Features of the evolving long-term care system, its financial drivers, and the roles and risks of consumers, providers, and payers;
    • Considerations regarding public financing expansions;
    • Opportunities for private financing mechanisms; and
    • Intersections between the public and private financing roles;
  • Identify and prioritize near-term and longer-term policy development options that the state should consider in building a roadmap for change.

The Advisory Committee began its work in January 2009 with a review of the current long term care financing landscape locally and nationally. An assessment of the profile of long-term care populations here in Massachusetts provided the backdrop for considering both the current patchwork of support, predominantly family caregivers and public financing, and the future opportunities for innovation in both public and private arenas. The Advisory Committee met 15 times over 18 months to request and receive information and analysis from committee staff, discuss issues and options, and develop its recommendations.

The 23-member Committee is made up of a diverse group of talented experts and community representatives. The group was convened by leadership of EOHHS and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. The Committee's work was supported, in part, by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Commonwealth Medicine and the Massachusetts Medicaid Policy Institute.

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