Brain Injury and Statewide Specialized Community Services Links and Resources

Brain Injury/General Information

Disability Health Care and Law

  • Access America - This site has extensive links to the United States federal government's web sites regarding topics such as children and youth, choice and self-determination, civil rights and protections, disability statistics, education, employment, health, housing, income support, recreation and travel, self-employment, tax credits and deductions, technology and transportation. Also includes links to the White House, U. S. House of Representatives and U. S. Senate.
  • Medicare Rights Center
  • The Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law - This site is maintained by the American Bar Association and is a good starting point for legal issues and disability.
  • National Health Law Program - Excellent site includes detailed information about federal health policy, especially Medicaid and Medicare. Great links.
  • MCARE (managed care) web site - A national clearinghouse on managed care and long-term supports and services for people with disabilities. This site has excellent links to managed care from consumers, insurers, providers and policy maker perspectives. This site is maintained by the Institute on Disability, University of New Hampshire.

National and Federal Organizations and Agencies


Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission's Vocational Rehabilitation Services or the home page for the MRC Supported Employment Services Program. In addition to an overview of this program, the SES pages have excellent information and links to other vocational sites, educational opportunities and legislative updates.

Special Education Guidelines

Obtain information by calling (617) 204-3852 or toll-free (in Massachusetts only) 1-800-223-2559. TTY: (617) 204-3817. Or send an e-mail to

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.