Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Waiver Programs

The Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Waiver programs include two home and community-based waivers which were designed to transition and support individuals with ABI from nursing facilities (NF) and other long-stay hospital settings into community placements. The program supports the choice of eligible individuals to move to the community by providing a wide range of services and supports. Individuals can receive 24/7 residential supports or other services that enable them to move to their own home/apartment or to the home of family or someone else of their choosing.

MRC is responsible for the operation, oversight and monitoring of the ABI waivers. Staff of the Community Living Division oversees the case management agency and service provider network to insure that waiver participants remain healthy and safe while receiving person-centered and high quality services. In addition, MRC's role also includes the screening and qualification of specific waiver services including residential habilitation, home accessibility adaptations, and transitional assistance. 

Money Follows the Person Demonstration Project Waiver Services

The Money Follows the Person (MFP) project is a five-year, federal Medicaid demonstration program designed to support elders and individuals with disabilities ages eighteen and older to successfully transition from institutional facilities and live in their own homes or other community settings. MRC is the state's designated operating agency for the MFP Demonstration and Home and Community Based Waivers, which will allow the Commonwealth to offer an expanded array of Medicaid funded community services to MFP participants.

Waiver Provider Standards

MRC Provider Services Standards  pdf format of mrc-provider-service-standards-final-april 2013.pdf
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Attachment A - Waiver Service Definitions pdf format of Attachment A
rtf format of Waiver Service Definitions

Waiver Services Table - Attachment B xls format of Waiver Services Table - Attachment B
pdf format of Waiver Services Table - Attachment B

Attachment C – Policy Guidance: Addendum Housing Qualified Residence pdf format of attachment c
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Community Living Division

MRC Practices, Policies and Procedures pdf format of mrc-practices-policies-procedures-4-2012.pdf
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ABI Waiver Brochure and Application
View the Brochure and Application for the waivers

COMM-PASS RFR instructions for Residential Habilitation
- Comm-PASS RFR Instructions Word doc format of commpass-rfr-instructions.doc
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This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.