• Introductory Overview

    Massachusetts has a comprehensive system of specialized services and supports to give individuals with intellectual disabilities the opportunities to live the way they choose. The Department is the state agency that manages and oversees this service system. Every day, we provide these specialized services and supports to approximately 32,000 adults with intellectual disabilities and children with developmental disabilities. The types of specialized services and supports include day supports, employment supports, residential supports, family supports, respite, and transportation. We provide these services through facilities and community-based state operated programs and by contracting with 235 private provider agencies.
  • Area Offices, Regional Offices, and Central Office

  • Major Departments

  • Strategic Plan

    The Department's Strategic Plan outlines the vision, mission, and guiding principles of the agency to address the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.
  • Organizational Chart

    A diagram of the organizational structure of the Department.