Area Offices

Most individuals and families have contact with us through their local Area Office. These 23 offices are located throughout Massachusetts. Area Offices are responsible for managing and monitoring the services we provide, or arrange for individuals served by us, and their families who live in the towns covered by the respective Area Office. Functions performed at an Area Office include:

  • information and referral
  • service coordination/case management
  • service planning, prioritization and arrangements
  • complaint resolution; and
  • citizen and family involvement

The staff contacts located in the Area Offices include: the Area Director, Assistant Area Director, Area Clinical staff, Program Monitors and Service Coordinators.

Regional Offices

Each Area Office reports to one of four Regional Offices. The Regional Offices are geographically located around the state: Central West Region, Northeast Region, Southeast Region, and Metro Region. The Regional Office provides management of the area offices and performs the following regional functions:

  • intake and eligibility determination
  • survey and certification of service providers
  • procurement and contracts
  • business, legal and administration
  • abuse and mistreatment investigations
  • informal conferences to resolve disputes about the identification, prioritization, or provision of services

The primary staff contacts located in the Regional Office include: Regional Director, Community Systems Manager, Regional Operations Manager, Regional Family Support Director, Regional Quality Enhancement Director, Senior Investigator, and Assistant General Counsel.

To find a list of the Regional and Area Offices across the state and to learn how to contact the Area Office that serves your community, use our Area Office Locator.

Central Office

Located in Boston at 500 Harrison Avenue, the Central Office oversees all of our functions and operations throughout the state and establishes statewide policies and procedures. These statewide functions include:

  • Commissioner's Office
  • Community field operations
  • Finance, budget and contracts
  • Human rights
  • Investigations
  • Legal
  • Policy, planning and children's services
  • Quality management
  • Volunteers and board membership

Within the Central Office, the primary staff includes the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, General Counsel, Assistant Commissioners, and the Statewide Directors for Investigations, Human Rights, and Citizen Leadership.

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.