Gail Grossman, Assistant Commissioner, Quality Management

The Office of Quality Management is responsible for coordinating the many activities the Department engages in order to assure and enhance the quality of services to individuals with mental retardation. Specific activities include the collection of data and publication of periodic quality assurance reports, the licensure and certification of both private and public providers of services, compliance with the requirements of the Federal Home and Community Based Waiver program, oversight of the risk management and incident reporting system, and initiatives to support and enhance the quality of health care supports.

The Survey and Certification Process

The survey and certification process was implemented in January, 1994. Survey and certification is the process used by us to license and/or certify the quality of residential, work/day, placement, site based respite and individual support services provided to individuals with mental retardation who live in Massachusetts.

The Office of Quality Enhancement (OQE) within the Office of Quality Management is responsible for the implementation of the survey and certification process. This section has been developed in order to share important information regarding the licensure/certification process with the broader community. From this site you can access the Quick Guide to the licensure and certification process, the complete version of the Citizen Involvement Guide, Training Materials, and Licensure and Certification Guidelines, interpretations and responses.

OQE Contacts:

Doreet Goldhaber, Director of Survey and Certification:

Steve Saunders, Central/West Regional QE Director:

Michelle Stomboly-Lorenzo, Northeast Regional QE Director

Elliot Berusch, Metro Regional QE Director:

Jennifer Petersen, Southeast Regional QE Director

The Risk Management System

This link describes the Department's process for assessing, reviewing and managing risk for individuals it supports. The Department's Risk Management Manual is posted here.

Contact: Janice O'Keefe, Risk Management Director:

Health Care Coordination and Promotion

Information regarding the Department's activities around health and wellness can be accessed through the our home page link on Health and Wellness Promotion.
Contact: Sharon Oxx, Director of Health Services:

Quality Management Reports

This link contains the reports generated by the Office of Quality Management . Reports include the annual quality assurance report that measures system wide performance in designated outcomes, the annual mortality report and the description of the components of the Department's overall quality management and improvement system.

Contact: Gail Grossman, Assistant Commissioner of Quality Management:

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.