DDS Autism Waiver Program Legislative Report

Line-item 5920-3010 mandates a report to be filed on the status of the waiver application and on the operation of the waiver.

Self-Determination Legislative Report per The Real Lives Law

The Real Lives Law, (An Act Relative to Real Lives, ch. 255, sec. 1, 19 (e)(18) requires DDS to provide an annual report regarding any modifications or improvements made by the department to the administration of self-determination.

Turning 22 Legislative Report

Employment First Initiative: Progress Report on Pilot Project Funding

Line item 5920-2126 requires the department shall issue a report regarding the effectiveness of the program and detailing the number and types of transitions funded by the pilot program since its inception and in combination with the reserve, including recommendations to improve or expand the program as applicable

Employment First Policy Legislative Report

Section 234 of the Acts of 2015 required the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to report to the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities and the House and Senate Committee on Ways and Means on an annual basis on the implementation of the Employment First Initiative.

Autism Omnibus Bill Legislative Report

Chapter 226 of 2014 Act Relative to Assisting Individuals with Autism and Other Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities requires DDS to file an annual report reviewing its progress in the implementation of this act.

Report on the DDS Services for Newly Eligible Individuals with Autism, Smith-Magenis Syndrome, and Prader-Willi Syndrome

Line item 5920-3020 requires that the DDS shall submit a quarterly report on the number of individuals served, type of services provided and the cost per individual. 

Report on Aging with Intellectual Disability Initiatives

Line-item 5920-3025 mandates the submission of this report on initiatives to address the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities who are aging.

DDS Respite Services and Intensive Family Supports

Line item 5920-3000 of Chapter 133 of the Acts of 2016 requires the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) shall submit a report on respite services and intensive family supports for individuals over 40 years of age.