• Mortality Reports

    These annual reports analyze information on all deaths occurring in a calendar year for all persons 18 years of age or older who have been determined to be eligible for supports from the Department.
  • Quality Assurance Briefs

    The Quality Assurance Briefs are a new format for the Annual Quality Assurance Report. Starting in 2009, the Quality Assurance Report was broken up into topic based briefs each focusing on a specific area of quality. The briefs are posted to this site.
  • Quality Assurance Reports

    Each year, from 2001 through 2007, the Department reported on outcomes important to the health, safety and quality of lives of the individuals DDS supports. Information was gathered from the numerous quality assurance systems the Department has in place. The "Quality Assurance Brief" replaced this reporting format in 2009.
  • Quality Is No Accident

    Analyses of information entered into the Department's incident reporting system are provided quarterly via the "Quality if No Accident Brief". The goal of these analyses and briefs is to gain a better understanding of trends and patterns for the population served by the Department and include actions that providers can take in order to inform future prevention and risk mitigation strategies.