The Department has determined that maintaining an effective partnership with individuals and their families will enhance the design, quality and effectiveness of our service system. Through the collaborative efforts of individuals, family members and our staff, "The Individuals, Families and Departmental Partnership Principles" have been established to foster collaborations and initiatives that will promote consumer choice and decision making.

The Individuals, Families and Departmental Partnership Principles

  • Individuals, families, and the Department will work together to make decisions that will keep individuals at the core of service planning, service delivery, management, and on-going evaluation, and will support the individuals as primary decision makers about their lives.
  • The partnerships between individuals, families, and Department will be based on communication that is open, honest, respectful, clear, understandable and timely.
  • All input and contributions will be equally respected and valued.
  • The partnerships between individuals, families, and Department will be proactive and based on the shared purpose of creating rich, full lives of quality for individuals with disabilities.
  • Members of the partnership will define and communicate clearly what they are willing and able to bring to the partnership, for example, financially, legally, and/or personally.
  • All partnership activities will respect and respond to the diversity of culture, language and abilities of all partners in order to ensure full participation in partnership activities.
  • When working in partnership, individuals, families, and Department will share responsibility and reasonable risks toward a common purpose, learn from failure, and celebrate success.
  • Given that knowledge is a powerful tool, the decisions and actions of the partnerships will be based on all partners sharing relevant information.
  • The partnerships between individuals, families, and Department will, in an intentional way, be based on existing natural and community supports and the use of resources available to all citizens.

Opportunities for Individual, Family and Citizen Involvement

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for people who want to make a difference in the lives of people supported by the Department. Our volunteer guide, "Make a DDS Difference," provides information about a number of opportunities for volunteer services in addition the guide includes an electronic application form that you can fill online.

For more information, go to Volunteer Opportunities.


This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.