TO: The DDS Community
FROM: Elin M. Howe, Commissioner
DATE: January 27, 2010
RE: Update 167

Fiscal Year 2011 H2 Budget Recommendations for DDS

On January 27, 2010, Governor Patrick released his Fiscal Year 2011 House 2 recommendations. This budget recommends $1,249,721,846 for the Department of the Department of Developmental Services which includes $2,356,000 for the DESE/DDS program.

This budget represents a $30,293,864 reduction from the maintenance budget not including the 9C reductions taken earlier in FY 2010. Included in the funding reduction is the amount of $1,787,864 which will be achieved through energy savings and procurement/purchasing initiatives. The 9C cuts taken in FY 2010 have been carried forward in the H2 budget for FY 2011 and this will create an additional impact on the Administration and Operations account, the consolidated Community and State Operated Residential account and the consolidated Community Programs account. The Department is currently reviewing a variety of strategies to address the reductions in all the affected accounts.

Below is a breakdown of the H2 budget by account:

5911 - 1003 Administration and Operations - $62,866,194

This account is recommended to be funded at $62,866,194 which represents a reduction of $3,959,249. This account funds DDS staff in the Central, Regional and Area Offices as well as essential support costs.

5911 - 2000 Community Programs - $172,913,700

This account is a consolidation of several accounts that stood alone in past budget years (5911 - 2000 Transportation, 5920 - 2025 Day and Work, 5920 - 3000 Respite and Family Support). The budget recommendation for this new combined account represents a reduction of $8,883,696.

5920 - 2000 Community & State Operated Residential Services - $851,751,486

This account is a consolidation of 2 accounts from the FY 10 budget (5920 - 2000 Residential programs and 5920 - 2010 State Operated Residential Programs). The recommendation for this combined account represents a reduction of $16,176,754.

5921-2002 Rolland Monitor - $400,000

The funding of this account will pay for the cost of the court monitor for the Rolland settlement agreement.

5920 - 3010 Autism Division - $4,075,764

The recommendation for this account represents a reduction of $2,658.

5920 - 5000 Turning 22 Services - $5,000,000

The amount of $5 million in this account will fund first year services for the new FY 2011 Turning 22 class. This account is level funded.

5930 - 1000 State Facilities - $150,208,702

The H2 budget recommendation includes over $9.0 million of annualized savings from the closure of the Fernald Developmental Center. There is also a reduction of $1,206,507 taken as a result of the Governor's energy and procurement/purchasing initiatives.

5948 - 0012 Intergovernmental Transfer - Special Education Alternatives of Children with ID - $2,356,000

This account funds the DESE/DDS program at $2,356,000.

5982 - 1000 Templeton Retained Revenue - $150,000

This account is level funded at $150,000.

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.