TO: The DMR Community
FROM: Elin M. Howe, Commissioner
DATE: March 4, 2010
RE: Update 169

Governor Patrick restores $21 million to H2 Budget for DDS Residential Services

Yesterday, Governor Deval Patrick announced that he will use an estimated $130 million in additional federal funding to support the Commonwealth's Medicaid program ("MassHealth") and other key programs, build up the state's reserves and reduce the state's use of one-time revenues in the budget. The Governor's action will include the restoration of $21 million of funding for the Department of Developmental Services to maintain community-based housing options in Fiscal Year 2011 for all individuals who currently have, or are planned to have those options. This funding will allow the Department to avoid eliminating 315 community-based beds.

"This funding is welcome relief for the Commonwealth and will allow us to support the Medicaid program this year and restore some critical services next year," said Governor Patrick. "This funding will also make it possible for us to begin building our reserves, helping to ensure we have the necessary resources available to us as we continue to manage economic challenges."

We are most appreciative of the Governor's, Secretary Bigby's and our advocates' efforts to maintain these essential services for those we support.

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.