TO: The DDS Community
FROM: Elin M. Howe, Commissioner
DATE: May 16, 2009
RE: Update 164

Fiscal Year 2010 Senate Ways and Means Budget Recommendations for the Department of Developmental Services

On Wednesday, May 13, 2009, the Senate Ways and Means Committee (SWM) released its Fiscal Year 2010 budget recommendation that funds the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) at $1,215,914,955. The Governor's FY 2010 House 1 budget recommendation for the Department is $1,281,507,184 and the House budget recommendation is $1,287,989,675. These numbers are inclusive of the intra-government transfer of funds proposed in the three FY 2010 budgets for the DESE/DDS program (formerly known as the DOE/DMR program).

The Senate Ways and Means Committee made cuts in almost every account resulting in a funding reduction of $65,592,229 from the Governor's FY 2010 budget recommendation for the Department. The sobering FY 2010 SWM budget also impacts other state agency accounts that fund core services for individuals served by the Department. It recommends the DESE/DDS program to be funded at $6.5 million. It also calls for the elimination of the non-emergency dental services for adults and the day habilitation program from the MassHealth accounts and $3,170,817 from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) for the Extended Employment Program (EEP) program.

The SWM budget recommendations will present significant challenges because it will mean service reductions for individuals living independently or at home with their families, individuals served in community residential programs, and individuals living in the facilities.

There are several accounts where the SWM budget differs significantly from the Governor's recommendations. In the Community Day and Work Program Account (5920-2025), the SWM budget recommends reducing funding by $37.7 million from the amount recommended by the Governor. This 30% funding reduction to day services in combination with the elimination of MassHealth's day habilitation and MRC's EEP program means many of the 13,600 individuals currently attending day programs will lose their day services. In the Turning 22 account (5920-5000), the SWM budget recommends eliminating funding while both the Governor and the House have recommended $7.7 million to serve over 620 young adults who will be seeking services from the Department in FY 2010. In the Respite and Family Support account (5920-3000), the SWM recommendation is approximately $1 million more than the Governor's recommendations but almost $32 million less than what the House is recommending.

Other accounts where the SWM budget recommendations are lower than the Governor's budget are the Facilities account (5930-1000) by $2 million (not including stimulus dollars), the Transportation account (5911-2000) by $3.6 million, the Administration and Operations account (5911-1003) by $1 million, the Community Residential account (5920-2000) by $4.4 million and the State Operated Program account (5920-2010) by almost $1.5 million (not including stimulus dollars). If the Senate Ways and Means proposed reductions were to remain in place in the final FY 2010 budget, additional layoffs and service cuts would be required.

The SWM budget also adopts several of the Governor's funding recommendations including the Templeton Retained Revenue at $150,000, the elimination of the Residential Rate account (5920-2006), and the transfer of $8 million to the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) budget as part of the statewide information technology reorganization. While it appears that the Boulet Settlement account (5920-2020) has been eliminated, the SWM budget does fully fund that account but does so by apportioning the $88 million between the Community Residential and the State Operated Program accounts.

Below are the Senate Ways and Means FY 2010 budget recommendations for the Department by line item.

5911-1003 Administration and Operations - $67,224,506

5911-2000 Transportation - $13,537,324

5920-2000 Community Residential - $699,954,252

5920-2206 Residential Rate Initiative - $0

5920-2010 State Operated Programs - $144,559,478

5920- 2020 Boulet Settlement - $0 ($88 million split and transferred between the Community Residential and State Operated Programs accounts)

5920 - 2025 Community Day and Work - $91,988,888

5920 - 3000 Respite/Family Support - $23,521,184

5920 - 3010 Autism Division - $4,123,387

5920 - 5000 Turning 22 Services - $0

5930 - 1000 State Facilities - $164,355,936

5982 - 1000 Templeton Retained Revenue - $150,000

5948 - 0012 Inter-Governmental Transfer - Special Education Alternatives of Children with MR - $6,500,000

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.