I am pleased to announce the following personnel changes in the Office of Facilities Management: Effective Sunday, January 23, Linda Montminy will assume the position of Facility Director at Fernald Developmental Center. Linda has served as Facility Director of the Hogan Regional Center for many years and will continue her leadership there. Linda's extensive expertise in both systems development and Title XIX will be as significant assets for Fernald as these are at Hogan.

Joseph Breen, who has served as Fernald's Acting Facility Director will transition into a new role as Deputy Facility Director at Fernald. Joe will work closely with Linda in her new role as he continues his work as a valued and key member of the Fernald senior management team.

At Hogan, Rosemary Bevins, who has served as Residential Director, will assume a new role as Deputy Facility Director. Rosemary will provide strong, daily leadership at Hogan in her new role as Deputy Facility Director.

Linda, Joe and Rosemary are all very experienced and skillful managers. These changes are part of an effort to continue to strengthen and make more cohesive the management team for Facilities.

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.