TO: The DMR Community
FROM: Gerry Morrissey
DATE: February 17, 2006
RE: Update 147

FY07 House 1 Budget Submitted

On January 25, 2006, Gov. Romney released his Fiscal Year 2007 House 1 Budget recommendations. This Budget recommends $1,163,918,537 for the Department of Mental Retardation. The FY 07 recommendations represent a $34 million increase from the Department's FY06 Final budget and provides for new and annualized funding for Rolland and Turning 22 and funding for the Residential Rate Initiative.

5911-1000 Administration - $13,121,897
This consolidated account represents almost $9 million of employee required chargeback expenses (Workers Compensation, Medicaid, Unemployment, and Universal Health) in FY07, leaving approximately $4.1 million for payroll, travel and administrative expenses.

5911-2000 Transportation - $14,063,821
This account funds the transportation account.

5920-1000 Regional Administration - $55,914,599
This account funds the Regional Administration Account at $55,914,599.

5920-2000 Community Residential - $524,560,531
The Community Residential account includes a transfer of $6.3 million of the FY06 salary reserve funds, $9.52 million of FY06 annualized Turning 22 dollars, $3.45 million of FY06 annualized Rolland dollars, and $5 million for new FY07 Rolland placements.

5920-2006 Residential Rate Initiative - $2,000,000
The Governor recommends $2 million to begin the implementation of the Residential Rate Initiative during FY07.

5920-2010 Community State Operated - $122,209,638
The Community State Operated account is recommended for funding at $122,209,638.

5920-2020 Wait List - Boulet Settlement: $86,361,602
The Boulet account is fully funded and includes $720,000 of FY06 salary reserve dollars.

5920-2025 Day Services - $117,434,430
The Day Services account is fully funded and includes $1.4 million of FY06 salary reserve dollars and $2.72 million of FY06 annualized Turning 22 dollars.

5920-3000 Respite Services/Family Support - $53,094,228
The Respite/Family Support account is fully funded and includes $444,000 of FY06 salary reserve dollars and $1.36 million of FY 06 annualized Turning 22 dollars.

5920-3010 Autism Services - $1,200,000
The Autism Services account is recommended to be level funded at $1.2 million in FY07.

5920-5000 Turning 22 - $6,467,670
The Turning 22 first year placement amount is recommended to be level funded at $6,467,670 in FY07. Given the Turning 22 caseload projected to be nearly 600 in FY07 which represents an increase of 150 Turning 22 individuals above historical average, this level of funding recommendation will make it difficult to serve all new Turning 22 individuals in FY07.

5930-1000 Facilities - $167,390,121
The Governor recommends funding the Facilities account at $167,390,121.

5982-1000 Templeton Farm - $100,000
This retained revenue account is recommended to retain the same amount as FY06 or $100,000.

5949-0012 DOE - $8,000,000
This account supports an $8 million FY07 appropriation to fund DOE kids.

DMR State House Event Set for Thursday, March 30th at 10 a.m.

Ted O'Brien, one of Boston?s award winning broadcasters, will serve as the master of ceremonies at the annual DMR Recognition Event that will be held at the State House in the Great Hall on Thursday, March 30, 2006, at 10 a.m. The event honors individuals and/or groups from each region for their work on behalf of people with disabilities. The Dybwad Leadership Award will also be presented at this ceremony. This year's theme is "Family Stories: A Place called Home" and will highlight stories of how the collaborative efforts of DMR, provider and others helped families and individuals in the Boulet class realize their goal of leaving the family nest and into their own home in the community.

As in previous years, regional and area offices working in concert with families, boards, providers, and advocacy groups will hold local events throughout the month of March to honor the accomplishments of people with developmental disabilities. In addition, there will be displays at the State House celebrating MRDD month. For more information on MR/DD Month please contact Ralph Edwards at

Update on Ricci case

On February, 8, 2006, Judge Tauro issued an order appointing US Attorney Michael Sullivan as a court monitor to advise the Court as to whether the process used by DMR for the voluntary transfer of individuals from the Fernald Developmental Center complies with federal law, state regulations and court orders. The court monitor is to resolve factual and legal disputes amongst the parties. Pending the submission of the court monitor's report to the Court, Judge Tauro further ordered that all transfers from Fernald be discontinued until the court monitor completes his review and submits his report to the Court.


On March 7, 2006, the electronic HCSIS (Home and Community Services Information System) will go-live for the DMR offices and providers participating in the Northeast Region pilot. In preparation, DMR and provider staff in the Northeast are working on creating user accounts to give identified staff access to the web based HCSIS, and making arrangements for staff to be trained using CBT (computer based training). As HCSIS is rolled out in each region, DMR and provider staff in each of the regions will be engaged in similar activities.

Remember to check the DMR website ( for more detailed information on HCSIS. Updates, called HCSIS Alerts, are being posted on the website every two weeks. Under Key Initiatives, other HCSIS materials are posted that include training instructions, HCSIS forms and HCSIS Questions and Answers. For more information, contact Hans Toegel at

Budget Hearings

On Tuesday, March 7th starting at 10:00 am, the Joint (House and Senate) Committees on Ways and Means hearing on the DMR portion of the FY07 budget will be held at South High School in Worcester. This hearing is open to the public, but only officials of EOHHS will testify. On Friday, March 10th at 10:00 am, the Joint Committees on Ways and Means public hearing on the FY07 budget will be held at the Gardiner Auditorium in the State House, in Boston. This hearing will be open to all people who wish to testify on any aspect of the state budget, including DMR and EOHHS.

Twenty Second Annual Human Rights Conference, June 13, 2006

The 22nd Annual DMR Human Rights Conference will be held on Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at the DCU Center in Worcester. The theme for the conference will be "Pursuit of Happiness." This conference will examine how to help individuals grow in pursuit of their own dreams and goals for their lives by moving them away from restrictions and towards a more fulfilled life on their terms.

South Coastal Legislative Breakfast

On December 15, 2005, the South Coastal Area Citizen Advisory Board hosted a legislative breakfast at the Braintree Council on Aging. It was a huge success with an excellent turnout by legislators, board members, parents and consumers. Rick O'Meara, DMR Regional Director for the Southeast gave opening remarks to the group. Sen. Robert Hedlund, R-Weymouth, State Rep. Robert Nyman, D-Hanover, and Sen. Brian Joyce, D-Milton were honored.

Sharing Stories of Success

The Holyoke Chicopee Citizen Advisory Board will host its 4th annual recognition event on March 28, 2006. The focus of this year's event will be the accomplishments of individuals with mental retardation who have used their unique gifts to achieve more confident and fulfilled lives. As in previous years, the event will take place at the Moose Family Center of Chicopee. This organization has been a committed and generous supporter of our CAB?s efforts for the past several years.

The Cultural Context of Disability Training Series

Last year, the Holyoke/Chicopee area hosted a four day series focused on learning about and meeting the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds. This year, a five day series is planned. The kick off event will take place on March 23, 2006 and focus on Cultural Brokering, a strategy for working with diverse communities. The day will be led by Roosey Hasnain of the Center for Community Inclusion of Boston Children's Hospital. The event will be held at the Elms College of Chicopee, a partner in last year's event.

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.