TO: The DMR Community
FROM: Gerry Morrissey
DATE: May 2, 2006
RE: Update 148

House FY 07 DMR Budget Recommendations

On April 10, 2006, the House Ways and Means Committee (HWM) released its Fiscal Year 2007 budget recommendations and on April 28 th the House finalized its deliberations on the budget. The House FY07 Budget provides a favorable budget of $1,170,470,567 for the Department and an additional $8 million in the Department of Education budget to continue funding the successful DOE/DMR project. The House budget adds $6.55 million to the DMR budget recommended by the Governor. This increase includes an additional $1 million to the Autism, an additional $1 million to the Turning 22 accounts, and $4.55 million in the Facilities account to fully fund drug costs under Medicare Part D and to cover fuel costs. In addition, the House budget includes a $20 million salary reserve for health and human services providers, including DMR providers. As in the Governor's FY 07 budget recommendations, the House budget also fully funds FY06 annualized Turning 22 placements and FY06 annualized Rolland placements as well as $5 million for FY07 new Rolland placements, and $2 million for the Residential Rate Initiative.

Below is a description, by line-item, of the House FY 07 budget recommendations for DMR.

5911-1000 DMR Administration - $13,324,093
The House budget funds the DMR Administration account at $13,324,093.

5911-1000 Transportation - $14,052,195
The House funds the Transportation account at $14,052,195.

5920-1000 Regional Administration - $55,914,599
The House budget level funds this account at the Governor's recommendation of $55,914,599

5920-2000 Community Residential - $524,509,583
The House budget recommendation includes $6.7 million in annualized FY06 salary reserve dollars. The account also includes $9.52 million of FY06 annualized Turning 22 funding, $3.45 million of FY06 annualized Rolland placement funding, and $5 million for new FY07 Rolland placements.

5920-2006 Residential Rate Initiative - $2,000,000
The House budget recommends $2 million to begin the implementation of the Residential Rate Initiative during FY07 which is also consistent with the Governor's recommendation.

5920-2010 Community State Operated - $121,998,709
The House funds the Community State Operated account at $121,998,709 which is $210,929 below the Governor's recommendation.

5920-2020 Wait List - Boulet Settlement - $86,361,602
The Boulet account is fully funded at $85,361,602 and includes $720,000 of annualized FY06 salary reserve dollars.

5920-2025 Community Day - $117,434,430
The Day and Work account is fully funded at $117,434,430 and includes $1.4 million of annualized FY06 salary reserve dollars.

5920-3000 Respite/Family Support - $53,094,228
The Family Support account is fully funded at $53,094,228 and includes $444K of annualized FY06 salary reserve dollars.

5920-3010 Autism Services - $2,200,000
The House budget recommends $2,200,000 for autism services which is $1 million more than the amount recommended in the Governor's budget to help fund intensive supports for children with autism.

5920-5000 Turning 22 - $7,467,670
The House budget recommends $7,467,670 for funding Turning 22 first year placements which is $1 million above the Governor's recommendation. This increase will help fund the growing T-22 caseload which is predicted to be nearly 600 in FY07, or 150 above the historical average.

5930-1000 Facilities - $172,013,458
The House budget recommendation of $172,013,458 for the Facilities account fully funds the $2.4 million in drug costs under Medicare Part D and partially funds the Department's FY07 projected fuel deficit.

5982-1000 Templeton Farm - $100,000
This retained revenue account is recommended to be funded at the FY06 level of $100,000.

See Integrated Italian Theater Group Performances

The Piero Gabrielli Integrated Theater Workshop from Italy has been on tour in Massachusetts with performances of "La Piccola Sirena." This production was brought to the U.S. through the collaboration of the Municipality of Rome , the Theatre of Rome, the Ministry of Education and the Office of Handicapped Services of Rome. With a cast of young adults with and without disabilities, the production's goal is to promote community inclusion of children with disabilities through the medium of the theater. On Thursday, May 4 at 1 pm, a workshop will be conducted with Harvard University at Lowell Hall (45 Quincy Street, Cambridge). For more information, contact the Education Office of the Italian Consulate Boston at 617-292-0950 or email

Human Rights Conference Set for June 13, 2006

The 22nd Annual DMR Human Rights Conference will be held on June 13th at the DCU Center in Worcester (formerly the Worcester Centrum). This year the day will include an exhibit of art done by individuals from across the state. John Anton, chair of the Greater Haverhill Self-Advocates and recently elected chair of the Massachusetts Advocates Standing Strong will be the keynote speaker. The theme of the conference is "The Pursuit of Happiness" and the day will focus on helping individuals realize their dreams, goals and lifestyle. More information will be posted on the DMR web-site within the next few weeks.

DMR Recognizes Boulet Families at MRDD State House Event

MRDD Month culminated in the 10th Annual SAC/DMR State House Recognition event held on March 30th. The theme this year was "Family Stories: A place called Home." SAC Chair Cynthia Levine and Commissioner Morrissey welcomed more than 400 people to the Great Hall in the State House to celebrate the successful transitions and placements of individuals under the Boulet Settlement. The stories of thirteen individuals, their families and their support team (DMR Service Coordinator, provider, Family-to-Family Director) were recognized for their collaboration and innovation. Throughout the month of March, posters that described the family's experience in choosing placement and working to make it successful were displayed throughout the State House. "Family Stories" was also the theme of a week-long exhibit at Doric Hall.

Commissioner Morrissey also announced the 2006 Gunnar Dybwad Leadership Award recipients to be Carol and Richard Beard of Newton and Leo Sarkissian of Waltham . The Beards have been strong advocates for more than thirty years in their capacities as members of the DMR Newton/South Norfolk Citizen Advisory Board, members and President of the Greater Boston Arc, initiators of innovative housing models, and developers of an elementary school curriculum, "Understanding Our Differences." Leo Sarkissian, Executive Director of ArcMA, has been at the forefront of significant legislation and public policy matters and has been a leader, coalition builder and advocate for people with mental retardation.

Protect, Report, Preserve - New Video

Under the guidance of District Attorney Betsy D. Scheibel, the Building Partnerships for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities initiative has produced a video called, "Protect, Report, Preserve: Abuse Against Adults with Disabilities." The video is designed to educate service providers and staff on how to effectively recognize and report abuse and neglect committed against persons with disabilities. The Partnership was formed in May 1999 between law enforcement, adult protective services and human services agencies to more effectively and efficiently address abuse, neglect and crimes against persons with disabilities.

DMRIS Update

DMR has successfully rolled-out HCSIS to the Northeast Region. Through a four week Pilot, we were able to fix many immediate problems, identify those that needed to be addressed before the next roll-out and work on those that will take more time. Both Providers and DMR staff alike voiced praise for the system and the information it makes available. DMR looks forward to advancing the roll-out to the rest of the state.

The next roll-out is scheduled for May 8 in Central West. The implementation team is in place and is being trained as superusers to assist and support the roll-out and the Area Offices after the implementation. Likewise, the facilities - Monson and Glavin, will go live with the Central West region. For them, they will implement both Meditech and HCSIS at the same time. The Southeast Region will go live (along with Wrentham and Templeton) in early June and the Metro Region will go live in mid-July (along with Fernald and Hogan).

To help out with the new processes related to the HCSIS implementation, we have placed a large amount of information on the DMR home page available for DMR staff and providers to read and use. HCSIS Alert! is a biweekly on-line publication that gives relevant details of what is happening during the implementation. You can also find all the forms and guidelines related to the processes that HCSIS will perform (Incident Reporting, Restraint Reporting, Medication Occurrences, Health Care Record, Death Reporting and eventually Investigations). Check out the information to learn more about what is going on with HCSIS at

DMR Gets Favorable Federal Review of HCBS Waiver Program

DMR recently received an excellent review from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on its Home and Community Based Waiver Services Program. The Waiver program provides a fully array of residential, day and support services to individuals living in the community. The interim review focused on the design and implementation of quality assurance and improvement systems for the Waiver program. DMR had to demonstrate to CMS that its systems for assuring the health, safety and rights of individuals served in the Waiver provided for discovery, remediation and service improvement on an individual, provider and systems level. The report issued from CMS confirmed that DMR was in substantial compliance and met the Federal assurances in six out of six subject areas. Thanks to all DMR and provider staff for their part in providing and improving the quality of supports in the community.

DMR Facilities Achieve Perfect Title XIX Survey

The annual Department of Public Health surveys of the facilities for recertification of Title XIX compliance are nearing completion for this year and all the outcomes have been very positive. Three of the facilities, Fernald, Wrentham and Hogan, received a perfect survey. There is an extraordinary level of commitment and dedication to excellence at the facilities on all levels, including direct support staff, professional and clinical staff, support staff, and managers. The DPH surveyors have made remarks about the wonderful interactions they have seen, have been impressed with the overall care and support individuals are receiving. Thanks to all staff in our facilities who contribute to this successful outcome every day!

DMR Releases 2004 Mortality Report and 2004 Quality Assurance Report

The 2004 Mortality Report and 2004 Quality Assurance Report have been published and are now available. These two reports are on-going components of DMR's quality management system. The 2004 Annual Quality Assurance Report shows substantial stability over time in a majority of the 12 outcomes that include health, protection from harm, safe environments, protection of rights, choice and decision making, involvement in community, relationships, accomplishment of goals, and work. The 2004 Mortality Report gives detailed information on the number, locations, and causes of death for individuals over the age of 18 served by the Department.

The Mortality Report is now posted on the DMR web site under "Publications" and the 2004 Quality Assurance Report will be on the web site in the next few weeks.

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.