TO: The DMR Community
FROM: Gerry Morrissey
DATE: May 24, 2006
RE: Update 149

Senate's FY07 Budget Recommendation Released

On May 17, 2006, the Senate Ways and Means Committee (SWM) released their Fiscal Year 2007 budget recommendation. The SWM FY07 Budget provides a favorable budget of $1,172,246,735 for the Department and an $8 million allocation in the Department of Education budget to continue funding the successful DOE/DMR project. The SWM budget is an $8.3 million increase from the Governor's House 2 budget recommendation. Of the $8.3 million increase, the Autism account received an additional $1.8 million and the Turning 22 account received an additional $2 million above House 2. The Facilities account also received a $4.6 million increase above House 2 to fund drug costs under Medicare Part D and to help offset some of the projected FY07 increased fuel costs. In addition, the SWM budget includes a $28 million salary reserve for health and human services providers. As in the House 2 budget, the SWM budget fully funds FY06 annualized Turning 22 placements and FY06 annualized Rolland placements. It also includes $5 million for FY07 new Rolland placements, $9.4 million in FY06 annualized salary reserve dollars and $2 million for the Residential Rate Initiative.

Below is a description, by line-item, of the Senate Ways and Means FY 07 budget recommendations for DMR.

5911-1000 - DMR Administration: $13,324,093

The SWM budget funds the DMR Administration account at $13,324,093. The increase of $202,196 above House 2 will help cover the Department's Worker's Compensation chargeback deficiency projected for FY07.

5920-2000 -Transportation Services: $14,052,195

The SWM recommendation fully funds the FY07 Transportation account at $14,052,195.

5920-1000 - Regional Administration: $55,914,599

The Senate Ways and Means recommendation level funds the Regional Administration account at the Governor's recommendation of $55,914,599.

5920-2000 - Community Residential: $524,242,492

The SWM budget recommendation of $524,242,492 is $318,039 lower than the House 2 recommendation. It does include $6.7 million in annualized FY06 salary reserve dollars, $9.52 million of FY06 annualized Turning 22 dollars, $8.45 million in annualized FY06 Rolland placements, and $5 million for FY07 new Rolland placements.

5920-2006 - Residential Rate Initiative: $2,000,000

The SWM budget recommends $2 million to begin the implementation of the Residential Rate Initiative during FY07, which is also the funding level recommended in the Governor's House 2 and House Final budget.

5920-2010 -Community State Operated: $122,209,638

The SWM budget recommendation of $122,209,638 for the Community State Operated account is level funded when compared to the House 2 and $210,929 above the House Final budget.

5920-2020 - Boulet Settlement: $86,361,602

The Boulet account is fully funded by the SWM recommendation of $86,361,602 and includes $720,000 of annualized FY06 salary reserve dollars.

5920-2025 - Community Day and Employment Services: $117,434,430

The SWM budget recommends the Community Day and Employment Services account to be fully funded at $117,434,430. This recommendation includes $1.4 million of annualized FY06 salary reserve dollars.

5920-3000 - Family Support Services: $53,094,228

The Family Support account is recommended by the Senate Ways and Means to be fully funded at $53,094,228 and includes $444,000 of annualized FY06 salary reserve dollars.

5920-3010 - Autism Services: $3,000,000

The SWM budget recommendation of $3,000,000 for the Autism Services account represents an increase of $800,000 above the House recommendation and $1.8 million above House 2. The increase will help fund intensive supports for children with autism.

5920-5000 - Turning 22 Services: $8,500,000

The Senate Waysand Means recommendation of $8,500,000 for the Turning 22 first year placement amount in FY07 is $2 million above House 2 and $1 million above the House budget. This increase will help fund the rising T-22 caseload, which is predicted to be nearly 600 in FY07, or 150 above the historical average. However, the budget language provides for the FY 08 annualized funding at $13.6 million which is the historical figure based on Turning 22 first year placement funding at $6.4 million rather than reflecting the new FY07 level of $8.5 million.

5930-1000 - Facilities: $172,013,458

The SWMbudget recommends an additional $4.6 million above House 2 recommendation to cover drug costs under Medicare Part D and partially fund the Department's FY07 projected fuel deficit.

5982-1000 - Templeton Farm: $100,000

This retained revenue account was recommended by the SWM budget to remain the same amount as FY06 at $100,000.

Mark A. Fridovich, DMR Deputy Commissioner Announces Retirement

Mark A. Fridovich, Ph.D has announced his decision to retire from the Department of Mental Retardation. His last day will be June 30, 2006.

Under Mark's leadership as deputy commissioner for the past 5 years, DMR has been establishing tools and systems for the provision of effective and consistent mental health, clinical and behavioral supports for persons with mental retardation. During his tenure, Mark has also played key roles in the development of COOP(Continuity of Operations Plan) to respond to the avian flu pandemic, the Nursing Home Project and HIPAA compliance.

"During the course of my affiliation with DMR, I have had the opportunity to work with staff of every Area and Region in addition to Central Office Staff," said Dr. Fridovich. "DMR staff is comprised of hard working and committed individuals, who have taken on very difficult tasks. It has been my benefit to get to know and work with such fine people and I will miss them."

Mark has been in state service for 19 years. Prior to joining DMR, Mark had worked for the Department of Mental Health in several capacities including Area Director for the Northeast Area Office and Acting Assistant Commissioner for the Division of Forensic Mental Health.

"I want to thank Mark for his outstanding public service and his thoughtful counsel to me and his colleagues," said Commissioner Gerry Morrissey. "I want to wish him and his family the very best in their future endeavors."

DMRIS Update

The Central West Region of DMR went live in HCSIS on May 8, 2006. Monson and Glavin went live in both HCSIS and Meditech on the same date. Despite some initial access issues experienced by some provider organizations and the facilities, the implementation went smoothly.

The Southeast Region and Metro Region are in the process of preparing for their respective go-live dates of June 5, 2006 and July 17, 2006. Wrentham and Templeton will go-live with the Southeast on June 5, 2006and Fernald and Hogan will go-live with the Metro Region on July 17, 2006.

DMR Human Rights Conference Set for June 13th

The 22 nd Annual Human Rights Conference will be held on Tuesday, June 13, 2006 from 9 am to 4 pm at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. The theme of this year's conference is "The Pursuit of Happiness."

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.