Development of New Housing Using Public Subsidies, e.g. FCF, HUD 811 $ Ch. 689

In collaboration with the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation, and Citizens' Housing and Planning Association, we developed "Guidelines for the Development of New Housing Using Public Subsidies." These Guidelines provide guidance to agency staff, service providers and housing developers on requirements for building new housing and renovating existing housing for individuals served by the Department. Accompanying the Guidelines is a description of the process for the submission, review and approval of proposed housing projects and related forms.

Facilities Consolidation Fund (FCF)

The Facilities Consolidation Loan Program was created to support facilities consolidation development activities.  FCF establishes a multi-million loan fund to provide deferred payment loans to non-profit developers for the creation and retention of community-based housing for the consumers of services for the Department of Developmental Services and Department of Mental Health.

For more information and for program guidelines, please visit the CEDAC Application Forms & Guidelines page.


This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.