What is the deadline for residential providers to have incorporated these forms into their systems?
The deadline for full implementation of Phase 1 was April 2004, but providers began training staff and incorporating these forms into their systems well in advance of that date. Providers are expected to ensure that staff remain familiar with the purpose and elements of the Health Promotion and Coordination Initiative.

How will the Department check to see if residential providers are using these forms? Will surveyors be asking to see the forms?
We are interested in assuring that residential providers have an effective system to assure that the health needs of the individuals they support are being met. As part of the organizational review during the survey and certification process, surveyors will be asking providers what systems they have in place to assure quality health care services. Surveyors will be looking for evidence of how effective these systems are when they review the health section of the tool for individuals selected as part of the sample. They will discuss how health care issues are addressed and followed up on with appropriate staff. As if often the case, they may also request documentation of processes staff say they are utilizing. This will include the utilization of the required forms.

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.