These materials will help assure that individuals served by the Department receive consistent and appropriate standardized preventive health care screenings.

The recommendations are intended for use primarily by our providers and health care providers, but can be equally useful to families and service coordinators. The standards are presented in 3 formats: the brochure, wall chart and checklist (for use by provider agencies).

Health Screening Brochure 2017  pdf format of Health Screening Brochure 2017
rtf format of                             Health Screening Brochure 2017                file size 6MB
This brochure has been mailed to all family practice physicians, general practitioners and internists in Massachusetts with a cover letter from Commissioner Morrissey announcing the implementation of the health care initiative. It includes preventive health screening recommendations, guidelines for communication, a list of common conditions that may be overlooked and resources for additional information.

Health Screening Wallchart 2017  pdf format of Health Screening Wallchart 2017
rtf format of                             Health Screening Wallchart 2017
This handout describes in more detail, recommended screenings for various age groups or diagnoses. Departmental providers can use this as a reference guide.

Health Screening Checklist 2017  pdf format of Health Screening Checklistf 2017
rtf format of                             Health Screening Checklist 2017
This is a summary checklist that provider staff must complete prior to the annual physical. Designated staff of the our provider agency will check off those screenings for which the individual is due either because of age or risk factors.


This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.