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While attention to health care status does not await the annual ISP process, the ISP is one time during the year that all those involved with a particular individual can step back and review a person's health status and what supports, if any, are needed to assist an individual to maintain optimal health, and quality of life. Therefore, it is important that information gathered over the course of the year with respect to health status be presented in a useful, summative format.

A pre-ISP packet will be distributed to the provider to complete in preparation for the ISP meeting. Materials will include:

  1. The Health Review Checklist (HC-2)
  2. The updated Health Record (HC-5) from HCSIS

The abovementioned materials will provide the necessary background information regarding the important events of the past year with respect to a person's health. This will enable the ISP team to more effectively plan for the future needs of the individual.

The ISP Health Planning Worksheet (HC-6) provides a documentation mechanism for the ISP team to review the current interventions, whether they are sufficient to meet the individual's needs and any anticipated future supports. This form may be filled out by the provider in preparation for the ISP, or at the ISP meeting by the service coordinator.

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.