Procedure for a Medical Appointment (PDF) pdf format of medical-appt-procedure.pdf
doc format of                             medical-appt-procedure.doc
A protocol to ensure that provider staff members (or family) are prepared with all the information and materials needed when accompanying an individual to a medical appointment.

Health Care Practitioner Encounter Form (HC-3) (PDF) pdf format of Health Care Practitioner Encounter Form (HC-3) 
rtf format of                             Health Care Practitioner Encounter Form (HC-3)
A form to be used with a health care visit which incorporates information regarding the reason for the visit as well as the treatment recommendations as a result of the visit.

Medication List  pdf format of Medication List
rtf format of                             Medication List
This form provides a template to record an individual's current medications. This provides an alternative to bringing the medication log on a medical appointment.

Annual Physical Examination Form (HC-4) (PDF) pdf format of physical-exam-hc4.pdf
doc format of                             physical-exam-hc4.doc
A form recommended for use by the health care practitioner when completing the annual physical examination.

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.