Contract Form Announcement

The documents available to Providers wishing to use the Department's contract package have been changed to reflect both the limitations of the excel file structure and the adoption of a Rate Contract system in as many cases as possible.

The instructions for using the excel form are still on a tab in the form. If the contract is being converted to a Rate Contract, listing the rates, but no fixed numbers of units or maximum obligation, please put an 'X" in the box in cell P40 on the "data" tab.

In the new contract package, the data for the contract does NOT transfer automatically to the Standard Contract form. Users will need to enter the summary data onto the Standard Contract form, which is posted with the excel package:

Other versions of Standard Contract forms and Amendment forms as well as other forms such as the Northern Ireland form and the Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing can be accessed through the link to the Operational Services Division's Forms page.

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.