• Spectrum of Services for Adults Overview

    In Massachusetts, the Department of Developmental Services supports adults with intellectual disabilities (including mental retardation) within rules and regulations that are not always easy to understand. We strive to provide individuals and families with clear information on regulations, policies, specialized services and supports, and community resources in a manner that is responsive to diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic groups. The Spectrum of Services is written to help you understand what specialized services and supports are and how these services can work for you.
  • Who Do We Serve?

  • How to Apply for Services

  • What Services Are Available Through the Department?

    The Department offers an array of specialized services and supports for eligible adults with intellectual disabilities (including mental retardation). Descriptions of several of these services are provided below. Please select your area of interest by clicking on one.
  • How Does the Department Maintain and Enhance Quality?

  • What Opportunities are there for Citizen and Family Involvement?

    In the Volunteering section, you will be able to access information about volunteering with the Department, and an electronic application form you can fill out and mail.
  • Looking for Informational Resources

    Access a listing of Massachusetts and national agencies and resources that address issues and topics relating to intellectual disability. Please note that these organizations are provided as an informational resource. Their listing should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation by the Department.