Commissioner Elin Howe of the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) is pleased to announce a unique and specialized respite home specifically designed for adults with complex medical needs.  The Southeast Region Respite Home is managed by the Southeastern Residential Services (SRS) of DDS. The respite home is located in a beautiful, totally accessible and adapted house in Taunton, Massachusetts.  It is staffed by a full complement of nursing and trained support staff, respiratory therapists, and other clinical consultants as needed. 

Eligibility Requirements

The respite home is available to DDS eligible adults 18 years of age or older throughout Massachusetts who meet the following criteria:

1) Presently receiving in-home nursing or eligible for MassHealth continuous nursing services (CNS) as authorized through the Community Case Management (CCM) Program and/or

2) Diagnosed with chronic, potentially life threatening medical condition(s) requiring skilled nursing assessments and daily technological and/or medical interventions from trained family, support staff or health professionals.

Referral process

All referrals will be made through the regional Medically Complex Program Specialist who will initiate the application process and refer candidates to the Southeast Region.

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