• MCB/DDS Services & Resources

    The MCB/DDS Partnership Project is a cooperative effort between MCB and DDS to provide services, information, training materials, and events focused on the needs of individuals with intellectual disability and vision loss.

  • Eye Care, Safety & Finding an Eye Care Provider

    Find an eye care provider near you; review the DDS Vision Care Guidelines; discover tips for keeping eyes safe and reducing glare, learn how to best prepare for eye exams and eye surgery; see how vision can be affected by specific eye disorders; learn about nutrition for eye health, vision and aging eyes, and more! 

  • Everyday Life with Vision Loss

    Discover useful strategies, including orientation & mobility techniques; learn about news and information access and recreation resources; browse catalogs specific to items for individuals with vision loss; find organizations dedicated to vision loss, and more.

    Student Resources 

    Explore specialized resources available to students with vision loss and their families to promote education, healthy vision, and a smooth transition to adult life.

  • Connect - Focusing on Vision Loss

    Read inspiring stories of individuals with vision loss; learn from articles posted in the Focus Blog, discover answers to frequently asked questions, and connect with us!

  • Training Resources & Events: Blindness and Vision Impairment

    Learn about conferences, workshops, and online trainings on topics/resources related to vision care and vision loss; access downloadable resource handouts and the Let's Walk Together Human Guide video; sign up to receive email notification of upcoming events.