The Department's citizen advisory board system entails a network of twenty-three area, four facility, and four regional boards coordinated by the Statewide Advisory Council, the SAC. Members of the area, facility, and regional CABs are appointed by the Commissioner. The Statewide Advisory Council is appointed by the Secretary of EOHHS and approved by the Governor.

Citizen Advisory Boards

Type# Boards# MembersAppointed By
Area Board2315 - 21 membersCommissioner
Facility Boards4*15 - 21 membersCommissioner
Regional Boards415 - 21 membersCommissioner
Statewide Advisory Council115 membersEOHHS/Governor

* (Some facility boards are co-joined with Regional Boards)

Member composition of the citizen advisory boards (CAB) includes self -advocates, family members, guardians, community leaders, professionals, business people, and other citizens from every corner of the community. Membership is based on a commitment to supporting people with intellectual disabilities.

Boards generally meet monthly. Members receive reports on services in the area, facility, or region; conduct community education projects; educate legislators about issues related to intellectual disabilities; hold forums and hearings; and advise the area, facility, or regional director. The SAC meets monthly with the Commissioner.

If you would like more information about Citizen Advisory Boards, call the Office of Citizen Leadership at (617) 624-7755 or email


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