The Department's Citizen Advisory Boards (CAB) are a key forum for citizen input and communication with us. Through the CAB, citizens help to educate communities on a variety of topical issues in our field and thus contribute to a more welcoming environment for individuals served by the Department. Citizens participate in Family Citizen Monitoring and in Survey and Certification visits to assure the quality of services. Citizens share information with legislators to keep them apprised of the needs and the accomplishments of individuals serve by the department. In so many ways, citizen leadership via the Citizen Advisory Boards helps to improve the quality of life for individuals we serve and for our Commonwealth.

You will find information about the structure and activities of the Statewide Advisory Council (SAC) and the Citizen Advisory Boards on this webpage. Please join us in serving on a citizen advisory board. You'll find it a productive and rewarding way to make a difference.

Commissioner Elin M. Howe

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.