The Department is looking for caring and interested citizens to help us in the QUEST for quality. The experience that citizens bring from their daily lives makes the contribution and involvement in the survey process very important. There are many ways that you can be involved. Your level of involvement will depend on both your own personal interests and skills and the amount of time that you have to give. The following examples represent a sample of some ways you could participate:

Participate in a survey of one person's services. You and a quality enhancement team member will survey an individual's services by visiting their home or work place and talking with people who are close to that person.

Participate in the entire survey of a provider. This is where you do everything a Quality Enhancement Division team member would do. It involves surveying the services of one or more individuals, being with the team to do consensus, and participating in the Service Enhancement Meeting with the provider.

Review a specific quality of life area. You might have a specific area of interest such as how people are supported to be members of their community or the safety of the home or work place. You may participate in the survey of one or more person's services and look at that specific topic. You would then share the information you gathered with the team members.

Review a specific part of the provider organization. You might have an interest in how the organization works in such areas as the systems it has to safeguard individuals, support to staff, or how the human rights committee affirms and protects individual rights. You would work with a surveyor to review that particular administrative area.

Provide technical assistance to the team. Citizens have much information and expertise to offer the quality enhancement teams. Some examples of what citizens can offer to the team include:

  • interpreter
  • translator
  • assisting people to make friends or get jobs
  • working to make homes and work places safe

There are numerous other ways that citizens can be involved in the survey and certification process.

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.