The Department offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for people who want to make a difference in the lives of people supported by us.

Citizen involvement is a departmental cornerstone. The diverse points of view of people receiving support, their family members, friends, neighbors, professionals, and other interested community members must be reflected in our work. The perspectives of different cultural and socioeconomic groups are also key.

There are numerous ways that citizens can be involved. To become a volunteer please fill out and mail in the application form (Word) doc format of application-to-volunteer.doc
. The form is also available as a PDF document pdf format of application-to-volunteer.pdf

To learn more about who is eligible, how to apply to be a citizen volunteer, and what training is available to citizen volunteers, please contact any of the Quality Enhancement Division's Regional Directors listed below:

Doreet Goldhaber, Director of Survey and Certification:

Steve Saunders, Central/West Regional QE Director:

Carolyn Barrett, Northeast Regional QE Director:

Elliot Berusch, Metro Regional QE Director:

Rick Cavicchi, Southeast Regional QE Director:

Please join us. We could use your assistance and expertise!

This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.