Our Mission
We are a task force of people concerned with advocacy for and self-advocacy by persons with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (LD/ADHD). Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with LD/ADHD, their families, and communities by providing a continuum of accessible resource information and support services to promote self-supportive living and positive employment outcomes.

Our Goals
We meet monthly in Somerville to discuss and provide innovative ideas that will:

  • Further public knowledge and MRC professionals' awareness and understanding of these hidden disabilities.
  • Improve services for MRC consumers so they may realize their full potential, contribute to their community and live an independent life.
  • Implement support groups statewide at MRC-VR offices.
  • Provide pertinent resource information and support.
  • Continually improve the Task Force's effectiveness and visibility.

Our History
Established in 1992, the LD/ADHD Task Force was the catalyst for creating a substantial increase in the number of consumers with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder served by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission since 1992. The LD/ADHD Task Force thanks former Deputy Commissioner of Vocational Rehabilitation, Warren L. McManus and past Director of Statewide Programs and Policy, Gary Hale as well as our Co-Founders Millie Clifford and Angelica Sawyer.

In 2002, 1,323 (13.3% of total) MRC Consumers were diagnosed as having LD-ADHD.

Our Leadership
The LD/ADHD Task Force greatly appreciates the guidance and support of the following: Elmer C. Bartels (Commissioner 1977-2007), Kasper M. Goshgarian Deputy Commissioner of Vocational Rehabilitation, Janna Zwerner former Chief of Staff, James Fratolillo Director of SES, as well as our former  Executive Committee Members Angelica Sawyer, Kathyann Mooney, Barbara Walsh, and Joseph Walsh.

Our Accomplishments

  • Designation of a vocational rehabilitation staff person for LD-ADHD concerns in every MRC office
  • Improved screening and diagnosis for consumers who may have LD-ADHD
  • Representation on MRC's Rehabilitation Council for LD-ADHD consumer concerns
  • Developed a LD/ADHD Resource Manual available at all MRC offices for staff
  • Advocated for the development of Coding for ADHD which has been instituted by MRC
  • Has conducted training for MRC staff and advocates utilizing professionals in the field
  • Has developed a web page with guidance from the MRC Webmaster
  • Published articles in the MRC Consumer Voice
  • Presented frequently to the MRC Rehabilitation Council
  • Developed and maintained an ongoing peer support group
  • Worked with other organizations statewide and nationally to maintain current information on developments concerning LD and ADHD
  • Traveled throughout the state, updating MRC staff on the latest LD and ADHD issues and developments
  • Traveled to and maintained contact with various other Advisory Councils of the MRC
  • Has traveled nationally to maintain awareness of and contact with other organizations of LD-ADHD issues
  • Developed and maintained a clearing house of information and resources on LD and ADHD utilized internationally
  • Advocated for the rights of individuals with LD and ADHD, as well as the greater community of those with disabilities

To Contact us:

The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
Administrative Offices
600 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111

MRC Main Information numbers: 1-800-245-6543 (Voice/TDD) or (617) 204-3600
Fax (617) 727-1354


This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.