• Vocational Rehabilitation Services for High School Students with Disabilities

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services Information for Parents

    An online brochure provides vocational rehabilitation (VR) services information for parents who have a child with a disability in school.
  • Higher Education Opportunities in Massachusetts

    Competition in today's labor market frequently requires advanced training, including a two or four year college degree. If it makes good sense, a vocational plan for rehabilitation based on college training may be developed.

    The DESE/DDS program is an Interagency Community/ Residential Education Project. The goal of the Community Residential/Education Project is to facilitate effective transitions from school life to more independent life within the community for students receiving publicly funded special education services who also meet the DDS eligibility criteria for services. This goal can be accomplished by supporting less restrictive, more cost effective residential options, special education services and community based supports.

  • Alternatives for Funding Your Education

    MRC has programs such as PASS to help paying for an education or vocational training.