"Subsidy" and "special conditions" are our names for support you receive on the job that may result in you receiving more pay than the actual value of the services you perform. A "subsidy" is provided by your employer. "Special conditions" may be provided by your employer or by someone other than your employer (for example, a vocational rehabilitation agency).

We consider the existence of subsidy and special conditions when we make an SGA decision. We use only earnings that represent the real value of the work you perform to decide if your work is at the SGA level.


We do not take into account subsidy or special conditions when we figure your SSI payment amount.


Examples: Subsidy and special conditions may exist if:
  • You receive more supervision than other workers doing the same or a similar job for the same pay;
  • You have fewer or simpler tasks to complete than other workers doing the same job for the same pay; or
  • You have a job coach or mentor who helps you perform some of your work.

If your employer and/or other involved parties cannot or will not set the real value of your work, we will decide the value of your work.

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.

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