How a PASS helps you
A Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) allows you to set aside income and/or resources for a specified time for a work goal.

For example, you could set aside money for an education, vocational training, or starting a business.

We do not count the income that you set aside under your PASS when we figure your SSI payment amount. We do not count the resources that you set aside under your PASS when we determine your initial and continuing eligibility for SSI.

A PASS can help you establish or maintain SSI eligibility and can increase your SSI payment amount.

A PASS does not affect any SGA determination for your initial eligibility decision.

Who can have a PASS?
If you receive SSI or could qualify for SSI, you can have a plan. You may not need a plan now, but you may need one next month or next year to remain eligible or to increase your SSI payment amount.

Requirements for a PASS
In brief, your plan must:

  • Be designed especially for you;
  • Be in writing (we prefer that you use our form, the SSA-545-BK);
  • Have a specific work goal which you are capable of performing;
  • Have a specific timeframe for reaching your goal;
  • Show what money (other than your SSI payments) and other resources you have or receive that you will use to reach your goal;
  • Show how your money and resources will be used to reach your work goal;
  • Show how the money you set aside will be kept identifiable from other funds;
  • Be approved by us; and
  • Be reviewed by us periodically to assure your plan is actually helping you achieve progress.

Who can help you set up a PASS?
Anyone may help you with your PASS, e.g., vocational counselors, social workers, or employers. We evaluate the plan and decide if it acceptable. We also help people put their plans in writing.

How a PASS affects your SSI eligibility and/or payment amount
We do not count resources set aside under a PASS towards the resource limit.

When we figure your SSI payment amount, we do not count income set aside under a PASS. We apply this exclusion to your countable income after we apply all other applicable exclusions.

How you can get more information about PASS
You can get a PASS Specialist's toll-free telephone number from our local office, you can call our national toll-free telephone number, or you can visit our Internet web site,

You can get copies of the form, SSA-545-BK from our local office, or any PASS Specialist, or you can download it from the web site.

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.