Competition in today's labor market frequently requires advanced training, including a two or four year college degree. If it makes good sense a vocational plan for rehabilitation based on college training may be developed. Massachusetts has many ways for individuals to defray the cost of pursuing a college education.

Currently, MRC's VR Program has awaiting list for services for all individuals just entering the agency's system. This waiting list prevents the VR Program from providing immediate financial assistance for college. However, it is still a good idea to contact the local VR office and inquire about receiving services.

If college is right for you, a VR counselor can provide helpful advice about choosing the right college and courses. They can also provide information about resources within the Commonwealth that allow any individual to attend a state-funded Community College free (based on minimum income guidelines). Please call an MRC office or your local Community College for more information. Below are other helpful links about financial aid and schools in Massachusetts.

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Federal Student Financial Aid Programs

Loans and getting out of default with American Student Assistance Loans.

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This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.