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"MRC has helped us provide opportunities to individuals with 'abilities', while enriching our company culture and doing what is right." Clarks Companies, N.A.

We help your business achieve its workforce goals.

Recruiting qualified professionals can make all the difference in your company's ability to compete in today's economy. For close to 50 years, we've placed thousands of qualified candidates with businesses across all industries looking to build an efficient and effective workforce.

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"Working with MRC has allowed our company to access a pool of candidates that exhibit an excellent work ethic." Redline Wall Systems, Inc.

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At MRC, our customized sourcing and staffing programs identify talented professionals with disabilities who possess the skill set and expertise that Massachusetts's businesses want and need to help their businesses grow.

Many of our pre-screened candidates are equipped and prepared with the knowledge to contribute from day one.

Our cost-saving services can help you stretch your human resource budget and maximize your savings through tax incentive programs, often at little or no cost to your business:

MRC offers an On the Job Training (OJT) partnership to defray hiring and training costs to help your business gain a skilled employee without impacting your bottom line. Through an On the Job Training (OJT) partnership, you'll have the flexibility and support to carefully evaluate candidates' abilities as they work for you.

Our expert team of employment professionals can offer your business critical guidance on how to maximize use of OJT supports as well as provide your staff with technical assistance on understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act, accommodation solutions, and state and federal tax incentives including:

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)
  • Disability Access Tax Credits (IRS 44 and IRS 190 tax credits)
  • Architectural Barrier Removal Tax Deduction

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The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission is easy to work with. Their job seekers have turned out to be some of our best employees." UMass HealthAlliance

Your next great employee success story is a phone call away.

Contact MRC and we'll connect you with a talented pool of qualified professionals ready, willing and able to help your business succeed. For more information on how your organization can find experienced and qualified candidates with disabilities, just contact your MRC Employer Service Specialist, at 1-800-245-6543 or your local MRC Office.

This information is supported by the Work Without Limits initiative, a grant funded project with funds from the centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CFDA #93-768).

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.