Getting Acquainted
  • MRC VR staff will outline available vocational rehabilitation services when you attend a group orientation or schedule an individual appointment. To inquire about an orientation at the VR office nearest you, click on the office locator .
  • If you are interested in receiving services, a professional vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselor will be assigned to meet with you and assist you in obtaining a job.
  • During the initial interview, you and your VR counselor will have the opportunity to discuss your employment interests, concerns and vocational goals.

Eligibility Information is gathered from:

  • Physicians
  • Therapists
  • Hospital and other medical records
  • Self report
  • Social Security Administration

Eligibility Determination is made by:

  • Identifying substantial barriers to employment caused by a disability.
  • Establishing a reasonable expectation that a positive employment outcome will occur as a result of VR services.

Making Informed Choices
Your Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) is developed cooperatively by you and your counselor and may include the following:

  • Personal Goals
  • Career Interests Survey
  • Work History
  • Education
  • Trial Work Experience
  • Labor Market Research

After gathering relevant information, you and your counselor decide on a realistic, time limited vocational plan and map it out on paper.

Read more information about informed choice .

Job Searching
The following are examples of typical resources available at VR offices during your job search:

  • Resume Preparation
  • Job Seeking Skills Training
  • Electronic Job Hunting
  • Interview Skills Training
  • Job Leads
  • Job Placement Assistance

Post-Employment Services

  • MRC's VR Program will provide you with support, advocacy and follow-up services for at least 90 days after you secure employment.
  • You may be eligible to receive post-employment services for up to three years after you are placed in a job and your case is closed.

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.