• General Eligibility Rules

    There are special eligibility rules for persons who need long-term-care services at home, or who are waiting to go into a long-term-care facility.
  • Income and Asset Rules

    You may have to make a monthly payment to the long-term-care facility. This is called your patient-paid amount.
  • Persons Living at Home Needing Long-Term-Care Services

    MassHealth offers three special programs that allow certain MassHealth Standard members to get needed long-term-care services at home.
  • Special Income Eligibility Rules Under MassHealth Standard - Personal-Care-Attendant (PCA) Services

    Information about how to get Personal-Care-Attendant services by MassHealth.
  • The Application Process

    The application process for long-term-care benefits from MassHealth.
  • Your Right to Appeal

    You have the right to appeal decisions we make about your MassHealth benefits and services.
  • Community First

    The Executive Office of Elder Affairs, Executive Office of Health and Human Services and the Office of Disabilities and Community Services are actively working to implement a vision of Community First. Community First is an overarching policy that enables citizens to be empowered to age with dignity and independence in their communities through access to person-centered integrated systems, supports, and choices. This policy reflects collaborations among individuals, families, private partners, and government and requires a range of mechanisms to support the effort.
  • Senior Care Options (SCO)

    Get to know SCO! A health care plan that’s as individual as you are!