If your income is over 100% of the federal poverty level and you are aged 65 or older, we may be able to count less of your nonworking income when deciding if you can get MassHealth Standard.

The types of services offered by the MassHealth Personal-Care-Attendant (PCA) Program may help you if you are elderly and have a permanent or long-lasting disability that keeps you from being able to do your daily living activities, like bathing, grooming, eating, getting dressed, and taking your medicines unless someone physically helps you. By getting PCA services, some people can live at home instead of having to live in a long-term-care facility.

If you are now getting or think you may need PCA services because of your disability, you may tell us when you fill out a Senior Medical Benefit Request (if you are applying for MassHealth) or a MassHealth Eligibility Review Form (if you are already a MassHealth member).

If we decide that you need PCA services, and we count less of your income, and we decide you can get MassHealth, you must contact a MassHealth PCA agency to set up PCA services. When the PCA agency you have chosen accepts you for PCA services, you will become the employer of your own PCA. This means that you will be responsible to find, hire, train, and fire (if needed) your own PCA. You will also have to follow special rules to make sure your PCA gets paid on time. The PCA agency can tell you how to get help with these duties.

MassHealth cannot pay certain members of your family to be your PCA.

To apply for MassHealth, go to The Application Process.

This information is provided by MassHealth.