MassHealth has the right to get back money from the estates of certain MassHealth members after they die. In general, the money that must be repaid is for services paid by MassHealth for a member after the member turned age 55 or for a member who is any age and for whom MassHealth paid for care in a nursing home.

If a deceased member leaves behind a child who is blind, permanently and totally disabled, or under age 21, or a husband or wife, MassHealth will not require repayment while any of these persons are still living.

If real property, like a home, must be sold to get money to repay MassHealth, MassHealth, in limited circumstances, may decide that the estate does not need to pay MassHealth. The property must be left to a person who meets certain financial standards, and who has lived in the property, without leaving, for at least one year before the now-deceased member got MassHealth.

Certain income, resources, and property of American Indians and Alaska Natives may be exempt from estate recovery.

This information is provided by MassHealth.